Salher – Eng

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SALHER is an engineering company and manufacturer of equipment and integral solutions for the
water market. We have 3 factories located in Europe (Spain, Portugal and Poland), more than 35
years of experience in the water market and certifications at national and international level.
Within the scope of SALHER we can offer the following services:
– Manufacture and supply of Wastewater Treatment Plant/Probilizer/Reuse.
– Supply of pipes and accessories (supports, trays, etc) of hydraulic and electrical interconnection
between the equipment and components of the Plant.
– Transport to destination.
– Equipment assembly (electromechanical, instrumentation, valves, hydraulic and electrical piping,
– Technical assistance for supervision of civil works (or full CW on demand) and assembly and/or
hydraulic and electrical installation process,
– Commissioning and Training.
– Basic Engineering: Documentation (quality documentation, factory tests, operation and
commissioning manuals, equipment specification sheets), Drawings (P&ID, 2D drawings, electrical
diagrams, implementation drawings).
– Detailed Engineering: 3D drawings, hydraulic calculations, structural calculations, etc.
– Urban wastewater: Hotels, Housing developments or condominiums, Hospitals, Airports, Ports,
Shopping malls, Schools, etc.
– Industrial wastewater: Meat and dairy industry, slaughterhouses, warehouses, beverage industry,
pharmaceutical industry, leachates, industrial parks or free trade zones, mining, etc.
– Water reuse: Garden irrigation, golf courses, tank and flusher refilling, street cleaning, vehicle
– Potable Water: Surface water (river or reservoir), sea water and borehole water.
– Hydrocarbon separators: Airports, Ports, container terminals, Power plants, Machinery parks, Scrap
yards, Service stations, Oil changing workshops.

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